All Kids Can Orange City Area

Our mission is to make activities accessible to children of all ages, regardless of financial obstacles, enabling them to explore their God-given gifts and talents.

  • Involved kids are healthy kids! Kids who participate in organized activities learn to cooperate, compromise, resolve conflicts, and work together. While learning new activities, they also gain self-confidence and social and communication skills. 
  • Involved kids help families and communities thrive! Kids who participate in organized activities form new friendships that bring families together which, in turn, helps build community connection.
  • All kids should have opportunities to be involved in organized activities, regardless of financial obstacles. 
We enable kids living within the boundaries of the MOC-Floyd Valley Community School District to participate in organized activities like art & music programs, sports & recreation programs, etc. by paying or subsidizing the registration fees and/or equipment costs for families that otherwise couldn't afford the expense.
We are a diverse group of professionals, educators, and volunteers from different towns and churches in the area. Our common thread is we all see a need and want to make a difference.